You don't have to look far for a great hiking experience.Just 45 kms from Nairobi city and you have a hike,a good swim and great accomodation in camp seyalan.


Hike Summary
Distance from Nrb:- 45KM
Start Point:- Camp Seyalan
End Point:- Camp Seyalan
Walk Distance:- 9km (Circular)
Max Elevation:- 2,450M ASL
Elevation Gain:- 700M
Terrain:- Bushy
Duration:- 5 hours
Intensity:- Moderate to high
Start Time:- 7Am

A beautiful off-trail adventure hike through dense bushland and community trails on the leeward side of Ngong Hills.

Discover a new way to explore the Ngong hills away from the crowds, beginning at Seyalan Camp, with a stronger connection to nature, breathtaking scenery, and a local community experience!

✓ Community Guide Fee – Kes 1K

✓Proper Hiking Shoes
✓Drinking Water – 2L
✓Packed Bites/Snack
✓Light Rain Poncho
✓Wind Jacket
✓ Sunscreen

⚠️ Note:-
✓ Ngong Hills is a windy area, bring a windbreaker and rain poncho.

✓ To minimize scratches or contact with stinging and thorny bushes, wear a long-sleeved t-shirt and avoid wearing shorts.

✓ Seyalan Camp provides eco-themed and cozy self-catering accommodations ideal for adventure seekers and travelers seeking a bush breakaway experience with breathtaking scenery and magical sunsets. They also have camping and team building facilities.

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