Welcome to Camp Seyalan and thank you for choosing us. We are named after the common Acacia Seyal which is abundant in the camp, on the lee ward side of the Ngong hills. By choosing us, you are entering an agreement with us. Please read our terms and conditions below.


All guests shall be registered as per new government guidelines including handing over identification document i.e. original Identity card or passport to the staff to be given back during check out. We are a BOOKINGS ONLY camp. No guests shall be allowed into the camp without prior booking. You are required to allow the Staff allocated to your house to ensure ALL guests checked in with you are present in the camp during your stay, and to check ALL of you out. Check in time: 12 MD Check out time: 10.30 AM



All groups must provide a team leader who takes responsibility for his/her team. All team leaders shall declare number of guests before check in day. No unauthorized admission above house capacity. Extra guests shall only be allowed by management. If allowed, day guests shall be charged 500 kshs and those spending a night will be charged 1000 kshs. N.B Day guests must leave the camp latest 8 pm. Night check in/out not allowed without prior discussion with management. Late check outs have to be discussed with management. Extra hours will attract a charge.


NO CASH Payment.Pliz use:

Till number-9559845 or Paybill-522533
Account No-7646786

Name-Seyalan camp & Retreat


Camp seyalan is an off grind and uses renewable energy ,Solar for lighting and light use appliances.We use biomas for heating water. This requires using power sparingly.

Kindly note we cannot support use of high energy gadgets like microwaves,heaters,blenders,cofee makers etc.


Morning-7 A.M-11 A.M

Evening-7 P.M-10 P.M


Please keep the environment litter free and use the provided litter bins. Walk along cleared pathways only. Camp Seyalan is rocky, you are expected to be careful to avoid injuries Excessive and malicious messing up of the house shall attract a cleaning and laundry fee of 5,000 kshs


Please note we are on the lee-ward side of the ngong hills.The weather can be very hot during the day and very windy at night. Carry caps and appropriate clothes.


We have private hike managed by the community from the camp. Walk distance -9 kms (circular) Max Elevation-2,450 ASL Elevation gain-700 M Terrain-Bushy. The hikers must have a community guide at a charge of 1000 kshs.


The guests will be safeguarded by the staff, provided with own room keys and will be expected to take care of their personal property. ECO CAMP We use renewable energy for all our power needs for now i.e, borehole water and solar for all lighting and charging needs. This requires us to prohibit all high energy consumption gadgets like heaters, microwaves, electric iron boxes, electric ovens etc.


We are self -catering and have a ready kitchen in all at the houses. You are allowed to come with own chef All houses have gas cooker/gas oven. A charcoal grill can also be availed (carry own charcoal for this).


Evening bonfire wood is availed at a cost of 500 kshs per bunch of firewood.

WARM SHOWER Warm bathing water will be provided at specific hours. Morning hours between 8 AM to 11 AM. Evening hours, between 7PM to 10PM. The guests can however agree with the care-taker on the best time for this provision.

PETS Guests allowed to come with pets upon agreement with management. You are however expected to take care of your pet and safeguard the security of other guests. In the event your pet injures any staff or guest, you shall be solely responsible for any liability that shall accrue from such harm. Please inform the staff of any stray Dog and avoid feeding them.


Children of any age are allowed but under the supervision of parents or an adult next of kin.


Noise pollution is not allowed in Camp Seyalan. Late night parties shall consider other guests. and will therefore only be allowed in the crater and not in the houses.


Illegal drugs are strictly NOT allowed in the camp PLUNGE POOL This is a common pool. Due to hot weather the plunge pool is open at no added cost to the guests. Note there is NO life guard in the Plunge pool. Children should be supervised while in the pool. Children are only allowed on the ground floor of the pool and not in the upper floors. No drinking Alcoholic drinks when using the plunge pool No using the plunge pool after 6.30 PM. No jumping or diving allowed in the plunge pool.


We are about 50 kms from Nairobi along Magadi road and not far from Olorgesaille, Masai Ostrich farm, Lake Magadi, Olepolos, Champagne 4×4 Rally Park Off-Road center and Orly Airpark


Bring your bikes and explore the area during the day Jogging,nature walk,Bird watching, Badminton, swimming,Darts,own games, team building,conferences,chamas,day activities, Guided Ngong hill hike. Take time to enjoy Nature and beautiful sunrise and sunsets. And thank you for choosing us.


CEO Tel Number- 254 796 694 830

Day Staff Tel Numbers-254 712 769 862 ,254 712 768 890, 254 712 769 780.

Night Staff Tel Number- 254 704 555 116.

Your feedback will be much appreciated. Call or WhatsApp 254 796 694 830 Revised by management. January 2024.

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